I wrote a piece last week informing people that the FBI was forced to unseal notes last week that show bureau officials discussed whether the goal of an interview with, at that time, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was “to get him to lie” in order to get him fired or in legal jeopardy.

FBI officials wrote in their notes:


Jonathan Turley, is a self-identified liberal law professor at the George Washington University Law School and has testified in United States Congressional proceedings about constitutional and statutory issues. He also participated in the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump.

When he found out what the Obama FBI and DOJ did he tweeted the following:

He then posted:

Followed by:

He then makes an assessment of previous “investigations”:

And finally, he determines that:

What did the Obama Administration do to our FBI and DOJ, ruined their reputations for years to come.

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