Does every single thing in our lives have to always come back to a civil rights crisis these days? A Democrat Senator from the State of Connecticut believes so.  Penn Live is reporting that Democrat Senator Chris Murphy believes that the University of Michigan’s football coach Jim Harbaugh's salary is an example of a “civil rights crisis”.

With a compensation package of $7.5 million dollars last year, Jim Harbaugh is one of the highest-paid college football coaches in the country.  Even with his inability to win any big games he still is paid that much, sorry that was my comment.  Senator Murphy said:

“Unpaid (Michigan) football players are playing in the middle of a pandemic to assure their coach can get his $7.5 million salary. If Harbaugh made $1M instead, each player could get a $50K annual stipend to help their families pay for rent, health care, etc.”

Apparently Murphy has no idea that these athletes at big schools like Michigan are being paid about $50,000 a year when you include out-of-state tuition, room and board, access to team medical staff, and all of the training and specialist they are given.  

As a side note if they want to pay the athletes they should pay every single one of them the same amount of money.  Every player on the team from the person who never sees the game-day field or court to the starting players and the stars of the team, all of them would be paid the same amount of money otherwise there would be trouble in the locker room. By the way, they would first start by taking all of their scholarships away since they will be paid and can pay for their own tuition and room and board like the rest of the students who attend their college or university.

Senator Murphy then stated:

“I’m a huge sports fan...I want college football back if it’s safe. But COVID has exposed a civil rights crisis in big time college sports: unpaid kids — mostly of color — risking their lives to make millions for adults — mostly white...This needs to change. NOW.”

How challenged is Senator Murphy, only his doctor and psychiatrist knows?  We can only have our suspicions by the unintelligent things that come out of his mouth.

Do we really have to bring everything we deal with in life back to a “civil rights crisis” or a social justice issue?

I put my socks on starting with my right foot most times, is that a “civil rights crisis” or a social justice issue?

I really need to know so I can become more woke.

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