According to a database, created by a group called Open Syllabus Project, which contains over 1 million college course outlines from the past decade it is Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto”.

Yes that Communist Manifesto.

According to a report in the Michigan Capitol Confidential Karl Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” is the most frequently assigned text book on Michigan college campuses.

I must say this one surprised me, does it truly surprise you?

I have been informing my listeners that most colleges are run by people with a very liberal agenda, now this lends more credence to that assertion.

The syllabus of 90 Michigan college courses has The Communist Manifesto in them.

Now the important question is what are they teaching about communism?  Are they using it for only informational purposes or to push the general culture/agenda of the people running the schools?

Are they discussing the positives and negatives of communism?

Do they discuss how the general populace is treated and the shortage of all goods i.e. medicine, food, technology.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say probably not.

If you have not read The Communist Manifesto, it calls for the “abolition of individuality and freedom” as well as calling for an end to the capitalist system.

I believe more needs to be found out, what exactly are they teaching about Communism.

Your thoughts?

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