One former Michigan Football star just lent to the stereotype that they are really not that bright.  I have no idea whether he is bright or not I am simply stating what he said and did last weekend at a press conference lent to the stereotype.

Who is he?

He is wide receiver Devin Funchess.  Devin went to Harrison High School in Farmington Michigan and then moved on to play at the University of Michigan from 2012 through 2015. He was drafted in the second round by Carolina Panthers (2015–2018) then moved on to the Indianapolis Colts for the 2019 season and presently is with the Green Bay Packers.

It was at a press conference for the Green Bay Packers he said he can tell when people are smiling behind the masks because they look “ch*nky”.  It did not end there he then motioned towards the skin near his eyes being pulled back.


Check it out for yourself:

The next day according to NBC Sports he apologized when he stated:

“I want to apologize for the disparaging remark I used tonight. It was not OK...I have grown to develop deep personal and business relationships in the Asian community! I meant no harm, and those that know me know I have love and respect for all cultures and people. I will learn from this and continue to grow as a person. I’m forever sorry!”

The question is why was he so comfortable with that slur that he could state it in front of a large number of reporters at a press conference?

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