The White House Christmas tree may be from Wisconsin, but it is Michigan ingenuity that keeps it standing tall.

Since 1989, Floyd Bowling and his father have been building Christmas tree stands in their Manistee workshop. They improved on the flimsy poorly-designed stands that just didn't work well for robust firs and spruces. reports, "Their design addressed a couple of the basic flaws they saw in other stands that dominated the market. They chose to replace the cheap plastic with heavy gauge steel, solid welds took the place of undersized screws, and tiny, tipsy legs were gone, and in their place larger solid ones. The end result was a Christmas tree stand that keeps your Christmas tree standing upright."

Consumers noticed and Bowling's Last Stand has sold thousands, including a dozen to Laura Bush when she resided at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Due to the durability of the product, we can safely assume they are still at the White House today. No doubt the Chief Executive likes having this made in Michigan best of its kind product; President Trump might say "Believe me, it’s the best Christmas tree stand ever...and a bigly seller."

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