Well this was an interesting poll.

The Fox News Poll was conducted in collaboration with the Anderson Robbins Research and Shaw & Company Research. The poll was conducted by telephone with live interviewers August 27-29, 2017 among a random national sample of 1,006 registered voter

The poll asked the question:

Who do you think poses a greater threat to the United States -- white supremacists or the news media?

The answer they received was:

  • White Supremacists:     47%
  • News media:                 40%
  • Same:                            09%
  • Don’t know:                    04%

That means that we are encroaching on almost half of the American people who believe that the news media more of a threat to our nation than “white supremacist”.

I for one am surprised it is only 40%.  If you think about it; who has more access to the American people, the “white supremacist” or the news media?

Well it is the news media by a gargantuan landslide.  In fact you would not know much about the tiny percentage of the “white supremacist” in American if it were not for the news media reporting on them.  You can say the news media might actually be helping the “white supremacist” recruit people.

By the way, what exactly do you think people mean when they say “white supremacist”?

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