Owosso barber Karl Manke is clearing another hurdle in the state’s dispute with him. Manke bucked the Governor’s virus closing order in order to stay afloat and keep his small town barbershop alive.  The case went up to the State Supreme Court which upheld the validity of his actions. And now with the State Supreme Court nullifying the Governor's use of Executive Orders to impose closings and restrictions on the state, the local county prosecutor is dropping state charges against Manke.

But the fight isn’t over yet. The 77-year-old Manke still faces state administrative action against him. The Whitmer administration still wants to pull his business license. That is the last remaining action against Manke. His civil trial is set to resume on November 19. Manke is demanding that Governor Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel dismiss the remaining administrative licensing action since the Executive Orders issued by the Governor were never lawful and were not enforceable.

Manke is quoted as saying, “I appreciate the Prosecutor dismissing all criminal charges against me in light of the Supreme Court’s decision. It is definitely a weight off my shoulders. I just want to earn a living, and I am not a health threat to anyone. The Courts have consistently upheld my constitutional rights affirming that the Governor’s attempts to shut me down were out of line.”

In the same media release, Manke's attorney, David A. Kallman, says, "I am pleased that justice has been done and Karl has been vindicated. He is not a threat to the public’s health, safety, or welfare. This is a great day for upholding the rule of law and restoring the faith of Michigan citizens that our legal system still operates in a fair and just manner. I trust Governor Whitmer will comply with the Supreme Court’s ruling and dismiss the final administrative case against Karl.”

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