As I often say on my radio talk show, could these Democrat politicians at least make it challenging for me to show their hypocrisy and elitism.

We first find out and as I reported Governor Whitmer’s administration's Michigan Chief Operations Officer, Tricia Foster traveled to Florida for Spring Break with her daughter.  This Spring Break vacation came after her boss, Governor Whitmer urged Michigan residents to avoid any spring break trips to the State of Florida, as reported by WVPE.

We then find out that Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Director, Elizabeth Hertel traveled to Gulf Shores, Alabama with her family for Spring Break.

This was after we found out that Governor Whitmer’s request for more vaccines from the Federal Government was shot down by Biden administration health officials, but a report in the Washington Post said state health officials may have dropped the ball on ordering as many as 360,000 available vaccines.

Was that MDHHS’s Director Hertel that dropped that ball?

Was she in the midst of planning for their Spring Break and could not be bothered with such trivial issues?

When Whitmer was asked about her top administrative people not heeding her warning and giving the wrong example to the citizens of Michigan she refused to comment other than saying they were on their own private time.  I do not think that was the question Governor.  Do you have any concerns that they are not setting a good example for the residents of Michigan?

Now we find out why she did not want to make any comments addressing their bad examples of leadership, Whitmer herself vacationed down in Florida for a few days.

After Whitmer advised us, commoners, not to go somewhere for Spring Break and she specifically called out Florida, she went.  Her spokesperson Bobby Leddy stated:

"The governor did not go on spring break, and she has not left the state in over a month…In the past six months, she has left the state three times, once for the inauguration, once to assist her elderly father who is battling a chronic illness, and once to visit with Michigan's National Guard troops…All trips were very brief, two full days or less, closely followed public health guidelines, and were made when Michigan's daily positivity rate was in the low single digits."

I liked what Michigan House Appropriations Chair Thomas Albert said in a press release:

“There are two sets of rules in Michigan – one for the governor and members of her administration, and one for everybody else. The governor’s ‘do as I say, not as I do’ nonsense must stop.

“I understand the desire to visit an ill relative, and I hope for good health for the governor’s family – but I have heard countless stories of heartbroken Michiganders who wanted to visit sick family members during this pandemic and haven’t been able to do so. I don’t understand how the governor thinks it’s OK for her and members of her administration to travel out-of-state, while issuing recommendations to the rest of us that we stay home. How can anyone be expected to follow such guidance when the governor and her staff doesn’t follow it themselves?

“It’s crystal clear now. If you want to enjoy your full rights and freedoms during the COVID pandemic, the key is to join the Whitmer administration.”

You are correct Rep. Albert.  Many listeners contacted me over the last year to inform me that they are not allowed to visit their loved ones in the hospital and some could not even attend their funerals.

The question remains will Michiganders give Whitmer the ability to move down to Florida full time, a state that has a very good and wise Governor, when she is up for re-election in 2022.

We will see but for now, the Whitmer administration continues to prove their motto: what is good for thee is not for me.

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