Governor Whitmer is once again garnering negative national press for her hypocrisy.  Remember the recommendation that we mere residents of Michigan do not go to Florida than she and the states Chief Operations Officer both go to Florida.

Whitmer has recently ranted against "out-of-state interests" for "pouring millions of dollars into Michigan to try and flip the governorship".  She also attacked Republicans for increasing campaign contribution limits and "infusing even more money into state politics".

The Washington Free Beacon is exposing to the rest of the world the hypocrisy of Michigan’s Governor.  I informed my listeners a few weeks ago that Whitmer reported that she raised $8.6 million from Jan. 1 to July 20, of this year.  Sounds impressive until you learn that approximately 44% of the cash she hauled in from her donors came from very wealthy people who gave her quite a bit more than Michigan's $7,150 contribution limit.  They were able to do so because of an obscure 1983 ruling from former Democrat Michigan secretary of state Richard Austin.  He ruled that any Michigan official who is under an “official” recall can accept donations beyond the legal limit. Whether she is really under an “official” recall is questionable.

Whitmer collected $750,000 from just 3 people. Former Michigander Patricia Stryker, oil executive Stacy Schusterman, and Democrat Illinois governor J.B. Pritzker.  All three of them are billionaires and none of them live in Michigan.

Former Michigan Democratic Party chair Mark Brewer told Bridge Michigan that Whitmer May actually have to return all of those excess contributions meant to fight the recall "if there's ultimately no recall election…This is not money that she's going to be able to use next year in the general election”.

Talking about next year's general election a poll, conducted by the Detroit Free Press and EPIC-MRA between the dates of August 9–15 found Governor Whitmer was basically tied with former Detroit Police Chief.  Whitmer received 45% support compared to Craig’s 44% support.

That is very scary for Whitmer since Craig’s campaign has not even started yet.


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