When Whitmer accuses people of using “unscrupulous measures” when attempting to repeal the Emergency Powers Act that she believes gives her dictatorial control over the entire state, that tells me she is concerned, perhaps very concerned.

The group collecting the signatures to repeal Michigan's Emergency Powers of Governor Act, 1945 is called Unlock Michigan.  The group needs to collect more than 340,000 valid signatures to submit the petition to the Legislature.

The legislation would repeal the Emergency Powers of Governor Act, 1945 PA 302, MCL 10.31 to 10.33, entitled “An act authorizing the governor to proclaim a state of emergency, and to prescribe the powers and duties of the governor with respect thereto; and to prescribe penalties.”

At Whitmer’s press conference yesterday she said:

“This effort to repeal the 1945 (Emergency Powers of Governor) Act is very dangerous, and they're using unscrupulous measures to try to collect signatures”

Really what “unscrupulous measures” are they using Governor?

Well, Whitmer said that “signature gatherers are telling some members of the public the petition is a measure to support her. She also said signature gatherers are asking people to sign the petition using other people's names, which would be unlawful”.

If what she is saying is true then please give us examples of when and where that happened.  Also what investigative means have you used to verify what you are saying is actually true?  Well, she did not and when her spokeswoman Tiffany Brown was asked for those specific’s she refused to respond to the request for details on any specific incidents.  Ms. Brown was also asked how Whitmer knows of such incidents, Ms. Brown also refused to respond to that question as of the date of publishing this piece.

Interesting is it not?

Is she just lying, well some would say her lips are moving?

After hearing Whitmer’s allegations Unlock Michigan spokesman Fred Wszolek said:

"It's a lie...Our circulators are standing under banners that say 'End Whitmer's Endless Shutdown,' collecting record numbers of signatures in record time...We don't need to mislead anyone as to what our one-sentence proposal does. They could read our banners, or the entire proposal themselves."

According to reporting by the Lansing State Journal the Unlock Michigan group has complained to the Grand Traverse County sheriff's office about “a Facebook post urging people to disrupt a signature gathering session in that county by signing false names, scribbling on the petitions, or running away with the clipboard.”

Really, if true it sounds like Whitmer’s supporters are the ones who are actually using “unscrupulous measures”.  

What do you have to say about what your supporters are doing Governor Whitmer?

Unlock Michigan spokesman Fred Wszolek said;

"Whitmer backers appear to be the ones who have cornered the market on unscrupulous behavior"

Yes, it does Fred, yes it does.

When a Democrat accuses their opponents of “unscrupulous” acts that usually means they are actually projecting their “unscrupulous” acts on others.

The concept of projecting came from Sigmund Freud’s work in the 1890s.  The term is most commonly used to describe defensive projection, attributing one’s own unacceptable urges to another.

Sound familiar Gretchen?

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