Governor Whitmer went on the extremely liberal Sunday Morning Talk Show “Meet the Press” yesterday to once again blame other people for her failures.  The state of Michigan has led the nation in new cases per population for more than 16 days and counting.

The host of the variety show, Chuck Todd, asked Whitmer what has changed from the previous surges in Michigan when she issued executive orders that restricted people gathering and businesses in the state.  In the past, Whitmer has proclaimed her policies were successful in bringing the Covid-19 numbers down.

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During a press conference last week Whitmer stated:

"That’s precisely why instead of mandating that we’re closing things down, we are encouraging people to do what we know works…That’s the most important thing that we can do. It’s not the policy problem. It’s a variant and compliance problem."

It was not her fault (policy problem), the surge is due to a “variant” and  “compliance problem”.  The problem is all states face the very same variant problem, why are they not surging like Michigan?  A question that Todd never asked Whitmer.  When she points out the “compliance problem” in Michigan that means YOU not listening to her and obeying her orders.


She possibly was not getting enough traction on blaming something that all states face and blaming the citizens of Michigan. She has now added those damn Republicans in the legislature and Supreme Court to her list of people to blame for the surge of Covid-19 cases in a state she says she leads.

Whitmer’s response to Todd was:

"We're now in a much different position...On top of that, in the waning months, I have been sued by my Legislature. I have lost in a Republican-controlled Supreme Court. And I don't have all of the exact same tools.”

She went on to say:

"Despite those things, we still have some of the strongest mitigation measures in the country."

Whitmer's interview starts at 14:52:

First, Michigan’s Supreme Court ruling did not hinder Whitmer in the least bit.  She ordered Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services to take her executive orders and issue them through their emergency authority.

Second, what exactly are these “mitigation measures” Gretchen?  These strong mitigation measures that have catapulted Michigan to lead the nation in new Covid-19 cases per population for more than 16 days and counting.

Great question the activist liberal host Chuck Todd could have asked is: What exactly are these “mitigation measures” Governor?  But he did not, I wonder why?

I have heard she has a wooden carving in her office that states “the buck stops anywhere else but here”.

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