Which is worse Governor Whitmer blaming Republicans for a Michigan Supreme Court ruling or the Detroit Free Press believing her and spreading the lie?  

I was stunned yesterday morning when I read a piece written by Dave Boucher of the Detroit Free Press and actually published by the Free Press as a lead story.  The title of the Democrat propaganda piece was “Analysis: Michigan's next COVID-19 surge is coming. Whitmer says her hands are tied”.

Why does she believe her hands are tied?  According to the Party-run “news” site, in the third paragraph, they write “GOP lawmakers and activists successfully repealed an emergency powers law she had used to issue orders”.

Last October 2nd I reported the Michigan Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that Governor Whitmer’s Actions for the last five months were illegal and unconstitutional.  The Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Governor Whitmer had no authority after the first 28 days to declare a state of emergency without the consent of the State Legislature.

The Detroit News reported that Justices Stephen Markman, Brian Zahra, Beth Clement and David Viviano all ruled against her illegal use of power.  The Liberal appointed Justices; Chief Justice Bridget M. Mc Cormack, Richard Bernstein and Megan Cavanagh all voted for her use of the unconstitutional 1945 law.

The Court also ruled that the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act violates the Michigan Constitution.

Their ruling stated:

"Under the EMA, the governor only possessed the authority or obligation to declare a state of emergency or state of disaster once and then had to terminate that declaration when the Legislature did not authorize an extension; the governor possessed no authority to redeclare the same state of emergency or state of disaster and thereby avoid the Legislature’s limitation on her authority"

Justice Markman wrote:

“(We) do not believe that the Legislature intended to allow the governor to redeclare … the identical state of emergency and state of disaster under these circumstances”

Justice Markman went on to say:

”Our decision leaves open many avenues for the governor and Legislature to work together to address this challenge, and we hope that this will take place”

The Michigan Supreme Court also ruled unanimously that the 1976 Emergency Management Act did not give Whitmer the power, after April 30, to issue or renew any executive orders related to the COVID-19 pandemic after 28 days without Legislative approval.

That being said how does Whitmer claim that it was the Michigan Republicans that tied her hands and not the Michigan Supreme Court?  She cannot legitimately do so and should have been called out by Dave Boucher and the Detroit Free Press in that third paragraph.

Interestingly it took Dave and the Detroit Free Press 25 paragraphs to write:

‘That doesn't tell the whole story, though…In the fall, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled the 1945 emergency powers law was unconstitutional. That did not stop Whitmer's administration from instituting essentially the same restrictions using public health laws unaffected by the court's ruling.”

If Dave and the Detroit Free Press were not attempting to help her spread her lie they would not have buried the truth 25 paragraphs into the story.  How many of their readers really read that many words?

Also how exactly were her hands tied?  She has been issuing her executive orders through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services as emergency orders.  Absolutely nothing changed.

The real question is; does Whitmer have a conscience let alone any respect for herself or the residents of Michigan after such a lie?

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