Governor Whitmer is cracking down on Marijuana products being sold outside of licensed businesses and medical marijuana facilities. According to a press release from the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, on Monday, Whitmer signed legislation that would regulate the intoxicating substance delta-8 THC derivative.  Recently, the substance has been sold, untested and unregulated, in convenience stores, gas stations and tobacco/smoke shops throughout the state.

These products were being sold to individuals of all ages in a manner that ignored regulations by the Marijuana Regulatory Agency(MRA). Under the new legislation, starting on October 11, 2021, these products will be covered by state law and regulated by the MRA.

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Looking forward, the package of bills also looks to close other potential loopholes by updating definitions regarding products derived from the cannabis plant so that all intoxicating substances will be safety-tested through the MRA’s statewide monitoring system and will be tracked through the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system.

“This package of bills continues to show Michigan is the model for the nation in regard to protecting its residents and making sure that those who consume marijuana products do so in a safe manner,” said Gov. Whitmer. “I am glad to see Michigan continuing to lead on the implementation and regulation of a safe, secure marijuana industry, which has already brought tens of millions of dollars in new tax revenue to the state, as well as thousands of well-paying jobs.”

The MRA has created a one-page document with information about delta-8 and has made it available on their website here.

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