Yesterday Governor Whitmer announced that she would take a 10% pay cut from her $159,300 per year salary for the time being.  In doing so she actually said:

I’m going to lead by example…I know that times are tough and that we as a state are going to be confronting a tough budget as a result of the economic shutdown.

Oh my heavens how will she ever get along on $143,730 dollars a year?  Ladies and gentlemen do you realize that is approximately only $12,000 a month and god forbid-only $3,000 a week.  It looks like more Ramen noodles will be on her and her family's dinner table.

What is even worse is she is asking her senior staff, all of which make well into the 6 figures to take, are you ready for this, a 5% pay cut for the time being.  Quite honestly they should not have to take a pay cut at all, they did not decide to completely shut down our economy.

As I stated last week, I believe since it was the decisions of these Governors including Whitmer to shutdown most businesses in all parts of their states; then they should suffer the same fate of their citizens.

That would mean Governor Whitmer reducing her salary approximately 70% to equal Michigan's weekly maximum unemployment benefit of $962.00.

Sound like a fair idea to you?

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