After purposely neglecting, backstabbing, speaking extremely poorly and calling them names Whitmer is asking the Michigan Republican legislators for $100 million dollars.  After she has been neglecting the residents of Michigan she threw on the unemployment line for 9 months and running including those small businesses owners. Is it fair to ask what is her real reason for all of a sudden caring?

Whitmer sent a letter to the leaders of Michigan’s Republican-controlled House and Senate asking for a state-based stimulus program that she said:

“will provide direct financial support to the families and small businesses that have been hit hardest by the pandemic.”

She means those her orders have hurt and destroyed.  Don’t be so shy taking credit for that Gretchen.

Whoever wrote the letter for her then wrote:

“Michigan families are hurting, and while we must continue to advocate for meaningful support from the federal government, we simply cannot afford to wait”

Michigan’s Senate majority leader, Republican Mike Shirkey, spokeswoman Amber McCann said that Shirley shares some policy interests with Whitmer and wants the December session to:

“be focused on an agenda of needs, not wants”

Let us hope that the Republican Michigan leaders get some concessions from Whitmer before they give her any type of stimulus package.  We know what she wants is not what is best for Michigan and their residents evidence by what she has done for the past 9 months.

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