We are all getting used to Whitmer’s threats, she has spent the last 14 months threatening Michigan citizens and businesses.  This latest threat is just her latest modus operandi (MO).

Whitmer has now turned her eye and anger on Enbridge, specifically Line 5.  It all started about six months ago when Whitmer ordered Enbridge to close the dual pipelines running underneath Lake Michigan next to the Mackinac Bridge commonly known as Line 5.  Six months ago Whitmer announced the repeal of Enbridge’s 1953 easement to cross the lakebed. At the time Whitmer gave them 180 days to do so.

Those 180 days are up as of yesterday and now in a letter to Vern Yu, Enbridge's executive vice president for liquids pipelines Whitmer wrote:

“Please be advised that Enbridge’s continued operation of the Straits Pipelines after May 12, 2021 is at its own risk…If the state prevails in the underlying litigation, Enbridge will face the prospect of having to disgorge to the state all profits it derives from its wrongful use of the easement lands following that date.”

“Disgorge” Governor that is a mighty big word you are using there.  I looked up the definition of "disgorge" in Merriam-Webster dictionary and it gave me the following definitions of the word:

  • to discharge by the throat and mouth
  • to discharge or let go of rapidly or forcefully
  • to give up or reveal (something) on request or under pressure
  • to remove (sediment) from (a bottle of sparkling wine) after secondary fermentation in the bottle is complete

Could you please point to which definition of the word “disgorge” you are using in this context?  Also. typical for a liberal to go right after the money they did not earn and will use the courts to take the money that other people have earned.

According to an article in MLive Enbridge spokesperson Ryan Duffy said:

“We will not stop operating the pipeline unless we are ordered by a court or our regulator, which we view as highly unlikely”

He went on to say that Whitmer and Nessel have never presented any “concrete evidence” that the pipeline is not operating safely.

Enbridge CEO Al Monaco addressed this issue on a May 7th earnings call when he stated:

“we’ve finally been able to re-engage the state through the court-ordered mediation”

He went on to say that they will:

“continue to operate the line…Certainly, we’re in compliance with the easement and the law…The courts are reviewing the state’s challenge to the pipeline and that’s going to take a while…No decisions, in our view, are imminent.”

In light of Biden canceling the Keystone XL pipeline which threw over 11,000 people and their families out of work, work that was paying very good money.  As well as last weekend’s cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline that is now causing drastic energy shortages through the entire east coast.  Not to mention the Biden gas tax we are all now having to pay, I just paid an extra $16 dollars for a fill-up yesterday.

Is this energy company really the one that you want to threaten if they do not shut down their delivery of oil and natural gas to Michiganders and other parts of the United States?

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