An odd note has been placed on many cars in the Battle Creek area claiming to be from a "Leon" who has a "serious buyer" for your car. So what's it all about?

The note was recently shared on Facebook and it reads:

I have a serious buyer for your car.

Please call me at 928-279-9608.

Leon :)

The Facebook post above has been shared several hundred times with messages reporting similar notes found on cars at Lakeview Square Mall and the Battle Creek Wal-Mart.

While we can't say definitively whether the notes are a scam or not, it would be prudent to be leery of any such note found on your car.

Have you found a similar note on your car? Let us know where in the comment section below.

Update From Battle Creek Police

The Battle Creek Police Department is aware of the notes and identifies them as a "possible scam" when sharing this on their Facebook page,

*Possible Scam Alert*
BCPD has received a few calls of people coming out to their cars parked in lots around the Beckley area to see this note on their windshield. This is possibly a scam. If you have gotten one of these notes on your windshield please call the police and report it. Remember- If you see something, say something

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