If the person leading the mayor race in Lansing is receiving 32% of his funding from outside of Lansing you must ask the question who would be running Lansing if he were to win.

The Lansing State Journal is reporting that 32% of the money in his campaign war chest has come from outside of Lansing. Most of that money coming from Detroit, East Lansing and Okemos.

You must know that taking money from people who live outside of your political district/state is legal and it happens at all levels of politics. It is a bit concerning to me that in this day and age the cost of running a campaign is almost always higher than the funds you can raise in your political district. So the candidates are forced to raise or accept money from outside their district/state.

The executive director of watchdog group the Michigan Campaign Finance Network, Craig Mauger, is quoted in the article stating:

We can't read the mind of the person writing the check. But what we can do is to follow the money … and, as informed citizenry, watch what happens when that person takes office and see how they react to situations affecting the people who funded their campaign.

It is interesting to note that the person I am speaking about is state Rep. Andy Schor, a Democrat who himself was once a lobbyist. You know the lobbyist profession that these politicians say are influencing the other parties elected officials but not themselves.

You should keep in mind that I am not specifically calling out one candidate; in truth all candidates and parties partake in these fundraising activities.

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