I can't leave the house lately without seeing at least one vehicle on the road without a license plate.  What's happening here?

You've probably noticed cars, trucks and mini-vans all over Kalamazoo, like in the photos below, cruising the streets without a visible license plate.  This is not just a Southwest Michigan thing as people all over the state are asking the same question.

The answer may be the not so surprising pandemic judging by this info from the Secretary of State website,

Secretary of State offices are open. To protect staff and public health, offices will only provide services by appointment, and only offer critical services that cannot be completed online, by mail or at a self-service station. Advance appointments become available six months ahead of time. Next-day appointments become available for booking the previous weekday at 8 a.m. and noon.

It may not be as difficult as it sounds according to Phil who sent us feedback on S.O.S. issue,

If you go at 8am and choose next day, you will have a selection available for the next day, while they last.    I went at 8am and made an appointment for the next day, one day last week.   Easy peasy, just have to follow the instructions.

Chad Underwood commented on our facebook page to let us know he didn't have such luck,

Made an appt last week can't get in until Feb

It's a safe assumption that the S.O.S. is backed up due to being closed for many months and now limiting their exposure to customers by doing appointment only.

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Isn't it illegal to drive without a valid and visible license plate?  Yes.  However, a man named Willie Hinnant had an interesting take on Quora.com on this topic back in late April,

During the Covid-19 shutdown, police are making fewer contacts with motorists. Only emergency situations are usually investigated. Failure to display a license plate is not considered a priority violation. The cops are afraid of the virus and do not want to make personal encounters if at all possible.

Vehicles without license plates, just another strange result of Covid-19.


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