I just do not get it, should we not be encouraging people to be productive members of our society.  I would think that most people want to be productive members of our society if not for anyone else but for their own self esteem.

Could I be wrong?

The Detroit News is reporting on Governor Whitmer, from the great state of Michigan who has recently met with the Trump administration officials to ask for a waiver on the job-related requirement rules on some Medicaid recipients here in Michigan.

Governor Whitmer has said in an interview that she is requesting to lower the age limit for the work requirement to 50 as well as potentially eliminating the need to report hours worked to the state monthly.

Why would we discourage people from attempting to look for and find some employment to encourage them to lift themselves out of poverty?

Currently the federal rules apply to people between the ages of 18 to 62.  These rules require able-bodied adults who want to receive health care insurance through Michigan’s Medicaid expansion program to work at least 80 hours per month or risk losing their coverage.

Governor Whitmer was recently at a National Governors Association annual winter meeting in Washington where she stated:

There are best practices that have been learned from other states that if we incorporated into Michigan would help us actually promote work and preserve health care

Can anyone explain to me how lowering the age limit to encourage people to work would “actually promote work and preserve health care"?

I do not think like a Democrat so maybe I am missing something here.

Governor Whitmer cited a study by Manatt Health that estimated between 61,000 and 183,000 people in Michigan would lose their Medicaid coverage over a one-year period due to the rules changes.

We need to encourage Michiganders as well as other people in our country to not be wards of the state but take control of their lives and get off of the welfare rolls.

By the way if I was suing you or a company and then ask you for a favor would you grant me that favor?  Michigan has recently joined a suit suing the Trump Administration over the National Emergency act that President Trump recently signed.

You would think you would be nice to someone you want to ask a favor from but again I do not think like a Democrat so once again maybe I am wrong.

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