Former Governor Granholm had stated in a 2003 speech that she was often asked that question.

The Michigan Capital Confidential news site reported that the University of Michigan’s Bentley Historical Library have released a speech that former Governor Granholm gave back in 2003.

In fact a pull quote from that speech is as follow’s:

“Few things really get my blood boiling, than when people – people who have never seen Michigan outside a conference room in one of our hotels – ask me: ‘Why in the world do you live in Michigan?’ You know, and they say ‘Michigan’ like it was a bad taste in their mouth. They don’t know because they’ve never seen this amazing state! They have never seen the soul of Michigan, have not dug their feet into the cool sand of our silver dunes, or gotten their shoes muddy in an apple orchard on a crisp, fall day. You need to stand on the rocks up north, on the shore of Lake Superior and let that huge expanse of blue make you feel completely inferior. You need to gape at the beauty of our Michigan homeland, not the sprawl of our cities, to really understand. California, eat your heart out!”

The question I have for Former Governor Granholm is if you thought Michigan is so great and you told California to “eat your heart out” then why did you move to California 24 days after your left office?

Interesting, very interesting former Governor Granholm.

As I did on my show today I ask all of you to tell the world why you live in Michigan.

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