Looking at my ratings that recently came out we find that my audience has grown by over 500%.  I do not bring that up to gloat or brag, ratings are very finicky.  I bring it up to express my hope that people who were not engaged in politics to any great extent in the past are now getting a lesson on how hypocritical these elected politicians can be.

We have been hearing for months now that President Trump should keep his nose out of the business of the states.  Governor Whitmer has been one of those leading the charge telling President Trump to stay out of the state's business but then out of the other side of her month, begging the President for our money to pay for the consequences of her actions.  That hypocritical position is not even the one I wanted to point out in this piece, I just fell into that one while writing this.

I want to point out her hypocritical stance on wearing masks, not even the one in which she tells all of us to wear masks while she does not during some, if not all of her press conferences.  Wow, just fell into another hypocritical action by her, this is just too easy.

In an op-ed published in the New York Times someone wrote for Whitmer the following:

"... if Americans do not mask up in public, cases could rise and we could be forced to close down more of our businesses — including the auto manufacturing plants that employ thousands of Michigan workers”

She then went on to compliment President Trump on his stance that people should wear masks when someone wrote for her:

"I applaud his statement, and urge him to back it up by issuing a nationwide mask mandate like Michigan’s, requiring masks on public transport, indoors, or outdoors when a distance of six feet cannot be maintained”

I hope all of these new listeners are learning how hypocritical and downright evil elected politicians can be.  Whitmer stands up with her chest puffed out and tells the President not to stick his nose in the state's business but then turns around and tells the President he should stick his nose in the state's business and order a Federal mandate forcing all states to enforce a mask mandate.  

Does that make any sense to you?  Governor either tell us that President Trump should be able to stick his nose in the state's business or not.

Could you please pick a position and stay with that position throughout your administration.

Do you really want to be considered one of the most hypocritical Governors of Michigan, a position currently held by former Governor Granholm?

Why isn't Whitmer calling out the Governors in other states for not unconstitutionally mandating that every person wears a certain piece of clothing, in this case, a mask?  Because she scores no political points if she does that she would get blowback from other Governors telling her to get her nose out of their state's business.

By the way, for the first time in a month, I heard the words Biden, VP, and Whitmer in one sentence.  Apparently Biden confirmed to Wood TV 8 that Whitmer is still under consideration as a running mate.  I have not heard one Democrat strategist or pundit bring up her name in over a month.

Good luck with that one Gretchen.


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