Picture this scenario. You’re sitting in your living room, watching a summer thunderstorm as gallons of water pour from your eave troughs, pooling in the yard. And then a thought comes into your mind, “Gosh, if only I could capture that liquid gold and use it on my flower beds, instead of running up my water bill.”

Alas, the City of Battle Creek has come to answer your dream. They are now offering rain barrels which you can purchase, along with all of the attachments. And better yet, there are various color schemes that may blend into your particular situation. Barrels come in black, grey, blue, and terra cotta. And if you lack carpentry skills, you can purchase a wooden pedestal. Do you want to hide the barrel in the foliage? Plant netting is an option, and plant hanger hangers, designed to hang from the barrel rim, are also available.

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There are two options in purchasing the items; A mail-in form, which is due by March 28th, or an online form, which is due by April 3rd. You need to pick up your items on Tuesday, April 5th, from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. at the City of Battle Creek Public Works, located at 150 S. Kendall Street.

But the story doesn’t end there. Two styles of composters are available for sale, offering a solution to recycling those bothersome lawn clippings and what-not.

The rain barrels come in two sizes, 50 & 55-gallon, and the composters are either stationary or tumbling. Here is the complete guide to the world of rain barrels and composters.
Here Is A List Of Barrels and Accessories:

City of Battle Creek Rain Barrels and Accessories


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