Why would Governor Whitmer wake up yesterday morning and decide to make fun of Catholics?  What kind of person would think that is appropriate for anyone to do let alone a Governor of a state.

Whitmer woke up yesterday morning and tweeted a picture of a catholic prayer candle.  That is certainly not the disgusting part.  The disgusting part was she or someone else replaced the religious figure normally on the candle jar and photoshopped a picture of Democrat Georgia activist Stacy Abrams. For those of you who do not know these prayer candles are traditionally used by Catholics all over the world while they pray in asking for the intercession of a particular saint.

Where is the condemnation from the press?

Is it odd that she worships Stacy Abrams like a saint or even Jesus?

What will she do next to mock people in the Jewish or Muslim religion?

Something tells me she will not be mocking people in the Muslim religion, they do not take kindly to that.

In a statement Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox said:

“As a Catholic, I am insulted that Governor Whitmer would mock such an important religious symbol to make a political statement...I wish I could say I expected more from Governor Whitmer, but unfortunately her term as Governor is rife with these type of political stunts, and poor attempts at humor. The Governor owes Michigan’s 2 million Catholics an apology.”

Do you agree, does she how Catholics an apology?

In these times of turmoil, why can't she reach out to people instead of dividing us and mocking people's religion?

Apparently like President Trump, Governor Whitmer does not have someone who reviews her Tweets before she sends them.  At least let’s not hope so because it would be even worse if a trusted aide felt the same way and would approve of such mocking.

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