I was recently made aware of a person that the Marshall Public School District Board of Education just appointed to fill a vacant school board seat.

The other night at the Marshall School Board meeting they voted to fill the vacant seats on the board due to the recent resignations of School Board members Carrie Nicholson and Larry Williams.

They gave all candidates 5 minutes to inform the board, in the public setting, of their reasons for wanting to be on the board and the skill set they could bring to the school board.

It was my understanding that they had 18 people apply for these vacant seats.  In those 18 candidates, there was an executive, a Doctor, and a 30-year special education teacher.

They choose a guy who appears to be in a photo sent to me from a listener standing next to a kid holding a sign that says "F*@$ The Police," while holding up "peace" fingers, according to Albion Michigan News Staff.  To see that photo please click on the following hotlink: Albion Michigan News Staff.

His name is Scott Brown and you can listen to his 5-minute speech before the board.  Advance the following video to hour 1 and 25 minutes:

I am told that he was unaware that the sign, the upstanding citizen he was standing next to and holding up the F*@$ The Police sign, actually said F*@$ The Police.

To be fair to Mr. Brown I was sent a message conversation and spoke to someone to confirm the points made in the message.  The following is a portion of that message conversation about the picture incident:

I was not the person carrying the sign. This was done to try and make my wife look bad in her mayoral campaign. As you can see I was standing at the crosswalk so I could cross the street. I was not holding any signs. The young man with the sign was getting a picture when the guy taking the picture got my attention so he could take the shot. What the picture doesn't show it the other side of the sign said no justice no peace which is why I'm holding up the peace sign for this photo. I was unaware of what the front of the sign said because I just came to the crosswalk from further back where I was talking to one of the pastors that stooped by the sidewalk.

Really, is that the story you want to go with?

I have to believe that the Marshall School Board members, at least some of them, did not know of the existence of this picture or they would not have voted for Mr. Brown.

Now that they do know let's see what happens.

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