By all accounts, this week's Wiggly Tail Wednesday pet of the week from the Humane Society of South Central Michigan lives up to the image her name may conjure up: Annie. Annie, in fact, is a bit of an orphan at the moment - and, like the character in the musical, is standing by, awaiting the promise of her tomorrow.

Annie is a beautiful, front-paw-declawed Calico who belonged to a family that moved away. Instead of taking Annie with them, they abandoned her when they left by letting her out to run and fend for herself.

After about a week, a neighbor - who spotted Annie roaming - was able to catch her and bring her to the Humane Society. Without front claws, Annie was lacking an ability to defend herself in some situations in the wild, so the neighbor's actions may very well have saved her life.


Once you begin to understand what's happened to Annie - going from a domesticated existence where she was cared for and faced relative little threat, to a completely unknown world of change - you can understand why Annie, right now anyway, is a little scattered.

But, the right family can turn all that around by giving Annie a great new home. Click through for more information to meet Annie and start the adoption process at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan.

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