This week's Wiggly Tail Wednesday featured pets are Jingle and Jangle, a brother and sister pair waiting to find a new home at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan

As you might've guessed, Jingle and Jangle are Christmas babies, born in December 2016. They wouldn't mind looking after each other for a long time to come. So, to that end, HSSCM is offering a discount to the adopter who would like to take both of them home!

Jangle - HSSCM

Of the two, Jingle is a little more outgoing and ready to explore. Jangle is a bit more reserved and ready to sit back and observe his surroundings with some distance.

Jingle - HSSCM

HSSCM actually encourages adoptions, especially when both are kittens, so they can entertain each other when their families are away. Click through for more information to start the adoption process!

BONUS VIDEO - HSSCM's Jessica Gilbert Discusses Possible Background Checks for Pet Adopters