Simba is a Yellow Lab with a beautiful white coat and a lot of vim and vigor!

He's about a year and a half old, and just wasn't a good fit for the family that had him from a pup.   He's a really nice dog, but needs some training and a fenced in yard.  He weights about 90 pounds and is pretty much full grown. During our studio visit, he was a lot of fun, but maybe needs to learn a little about manners!   Carrie Bammer, from the Humane Society of South Central Michigan, says these Labs can be puppies for up to five years.  She says Simba is very smart, but needs training and patience!   She says he might be a little rough on cats, thinking that they're furry toys.  He's been around other dogs, but hasn't lived with any other dogs until now, at the shelter on Watkins Road.   Download an application form, and make an appointment to go meet him.  It's not every day that the shelter gets a pure-bred Yellow Labrador.  He'll probably find a good home soon.

TSM Photo