Meet Zinnia, a feline overlord who seeks minions for world domination.

Zinnia truly is a sweet girl. But... if her demands of love, pets, and snuggles are not met, the teeth yee shall get. Staff at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan (HSSCM) say Zinnia loves to have attention.

Zinnia will follow her favorite humans all over until they obey her requests for attention. Just look at the heart-shaped black marking on her nose. Resistance is futile.

Zinnia of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan
Zinnia of the Humane Society of South Central Michigan
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If you are someone who believes cats have no personality then you obviously have never met Her Majesty, Zinnia. She is just over 1-years-old and loves playing, like most kitties her age.

Staff at HSSCM say this girl can get feisty with the other kitties there. She may or may not grow out of that. They say a cat-friendly dog that is larger than her may be the ticket to keep Her Royal Highness in her place.

Children 8 to 10 years in age that have experience with cats are would be best. As noted previously, this sweet girl can get testy and will use her teeth if she doesn't receive the desired amount of attention she seeks.

If you wish to be kept in line by this tiny furry overlord and promise not to hinder plans of world domination, click here to find an application (click the Adoption tab on the top left) to fill out and return to HSSCM.

Want to help animals in our are looking for homes? Register for the 2021 Virtual Strut for the Strays. This year’s virtual event to support the animals at the Humane Society of South Central Michigan has many options. You can participate in a one-mile walk, 5K or 10K walk or run, and either a 20 mile or 67-mile bike ride (done in one outing or combine from multiple trips and accumulate your time and distance). You don't even have to live in Battle Creek or Calhoun County to participate. Click here for more information and to register.

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