Michigan Democratic US Senator Gary Peters wants to build up America’s manufacturing base. The Senator is introducing a package of bills in Washington that he says will bolster America’s focus on making things at the industrial level. He wants to support manufacturers in Michigan and nationwide, and work on things to increase competitiveness with foreign countries.

In some ways, it sounds a lot like some of the basic “Make America Great Again” themes of former President Donald Trump. But Trump’s approach was a bit different. He focused on tax incentives, international trade agreements, and some say, savvy use of tariffs.

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Senator Peters is more focused on things like a new Institute within the Commerce Department., reactivating an advisory council, and help companies connect with federal buyers of products.

The Senator says manufacturing representatives have been telling him there is a need for a unified strategy to build up the country’s manufacturing base. Peters points to his proposal for a National Institute of Manufacturing in 2019. He claims the proposed new government agency is just what America needs to deal with many supply chain issues that have surfaced during the COVID-19 virus outbreak.
Scott Paul is the President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing. He says he likes what Peters is proposing. “We applaud Senator Gary Peters for introducing this suite of bills to strengthen domestic manufacturing. The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear that it is time for the United States to shore up its critical manufacturing capabilities, which will not only better prepare us for the next crisis but also create jobs and boost the economy.”

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