A  Michigan State Representative wants China held responsible for unleashing the COVID-19 virus on the state.  Republican Beau LaFave from the UP believes the evidence is clear that China is solely responsible for purposefully turning the virus loose on the world. He's proposing legislation to send a bill for damages in Michigan to China.

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Lafave proposed a similar bill last year that never saw full legislative action. The bill did however win support from conservative and Democratic lawmakers alike. LaFave says he is confident there is enough time and interest to get full legislative approval. Lafave contracted the virus himself last year and made a quick and full recovery.

The legislation would empower the Michigan State Treasury to calculate the financial impact on the state and literally send an invoice to the Chinese government. Then the expectation is that China would pay up.

Representative LaFave says there’s too much information available showing China’s direct involvement with turning the virus loose on the world. “Michiganders continue to suffer at the hands of the communist Chinese government and the infectious disease that emerged from the Province of Wuhan more than fifteen months ago. Conservatives were silenced, told their accusations of a lab-escaped virus were nothing more than baseless conspiracy theories, but now even Dr. Fauci has said he is not convinced COVID-19 developed naturally. The Chinese government has withheld critical information about the novel coronavirus and silenced those seeking to sound alarms. We now have evidence to show the virus spread as early as December 2019, but Chinese communists continued to downplay all risks associated with it.”

The legislation will first be reviewed by the State House Committee on Military, Veterans, and Homeland Security. LaFave chairs that panel.

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