Numerous reports Thursday afternoon say that former WMU star receiver Corey Davis has been placed on the NFL Covid-19 reserve list.

The Tennessee Titans are in the midst of a COVID outbreak that forced the cancellation of this past Sunday's game against Pittsburgh, and threatens to possibly force the Titans to forfeit games they aren't able to play, beginning with the one this Sunday against Buffalo.

Davis is one of growing list of Titans players and personnel who have tested positive for COVID. Some reports have that number in excess of 23 positive tests.

In addition to Davis, the Titans' other top receiver, Adam Humphreys is also on the COVID list. Davis in the three games the Titans have played has 15 receptions and 1 touchdown.

Meanwhile, NBC's Mike Florio on says the entire NFL is waiting for how the league will deal with this situation.

"The other 31 NFL franchises are watching and waiting (and speculating) about the consequences the Titans may face for a variety of possible infractions, from violating pandemic protocols to potentially not sharing information about the outbreak on a timely basis to allowing players to work out last week when the facility was shut down." - Mike Florio on

Florio says the league has a number of options on what to do, including fines, forfeiture of draft picks, and suspensions. Some have speculated that if the team can't play its game, forfeiting the game itself might be the outcome.

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