Woman Who Took Husband For A Walk On A Leash Is Ticketed

I have heard of ball and chain but a leash and a dog collar.  Well people like what they like and who is it for us to judge.  Well, there is a bit more to the story.

The province of Quebec Canada actually put a curfew on their citizens due to their concern about the Covid-19 virus.  This new edict prohibited residents of Quebec from actually leaving their own homes between the hours of 8 p.m. and 5 a.m.  That alone is amazing news, a government actually sentencing their citizens to house arrest and most accepting it.

There are a few exceptions and one of those exceptions was the government kindly allowing their residents to walk their dogs.  The edict from the government stated:

“a person who must go out so that his dog can do its business, within a radius of no more than one kilometre from the person’s place of residence or temporary residence”

According to an article published in the Daily News, this husband and wife team decided to test out what they thought maybe a loophole in that edict.  If the husband was to self-identify as a dog then perhaps his wife could take him for a walk, as long as he was a good boy and they both could enjoy the outdoors.  The outdoors by the way that all scientists stated would be very difficult for someone to catch the Covid-19 virus unless in very close contact with people.

Apparently, the province of Quebec Canada is not as woke as some as the Canadian people portray themselves to be.  They did not believe that humans can self-identify as animals, specifically dogs.

So the authorities gave both the wife and husband a $1,500 fine a piece for violating their edict.  The woman said she will not pay the ticket and just allow them to accumulate.

I think your better argument is to fight the fact that they do not respect your husband's psychological need to self-identify as a dog.

Good luck!

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