When I posted the story on TikTok about how I was stalked I expected maybe 200 people to see it. On Friday morning I was followed from a local gas station to work where the car pulled into the driveway and then quickly pulled a u-turn when they realized I wasn't alone and wasn't at home. You can see the video below.

What I did NOT expect was the outpouring of support and tips on how to stay safe from women right here in Michigan. With over 700 comments, it's clear that women have made it a habit to think about how to keep themselves safe when they're out and about or at home. Here are a few of my favorites.

On the legal side, @staceyaron commented,

If you keep a bat in your car keep a baseball/softball and mitt in your car too...your lawyer will thank you

Great advice and something I never would have thought of. Replying to Stacey's comment, @mynameistoni_andimagirl wrote,

Put a long sock on your bat. That way if they grab it all they've got is a sock in their hand and you're still swinging.

Selene suggested a useful app:

Download the Noonlight App. It could be (and has been for others) a lifesaver! I heard of it on the "This is Actually Happening Podcast" ep. 160.

I've never heard of Noonlight but upon further investigation, it appears to be an app that was designed to work with Tinder. It can silently summon help to your location, save information like who you're meeting and where, and informs your friends about where you are.

Amanda added:

This is why I keep a can of bear spray in my car.

That'll definitely deter someone! I read several comments that also suggested carrying a can of wasp spray because you can use it at a distance and it has the potential to blind your attacker.

Finally, I was encouraged by several people to seek out a CPL and to at least carry a taser for my protection. Which I am looking into.

I hate that this has to be a conversation. I hate that so many women have had similar experiences. I hate that we have to be vigilant constantly...that we have to expect to be attacked at any moment. But, this is where we are in the world. Ladies, don't feel paranoid and don't feel obligated to be polite. If you feel in danger get away as fast as you can or find a way to protect yourself. No one is entitled to your time or conversation if you feel unsafe. And, in conclusion, I'll leave you with the very sound advice from one of my favorite podcasts, My Favorite Murder - Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered.


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