A march for women's reproductive rights is coming up this weekend in Kalamazoo.

On October 9th, from 1:00 pm to 3:30 pm, all are welcome to join the march around downtown Kalamazoo.

What's This About?

In June of 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade, a 1973 law that determined that the decision on whether or not to continue a pregnancy belonged to the individual instead of the government.

Now, states across America are enacting and enforcing laws that either partially prohibit or completely outlaw abortion with little to no exceptions.

In response, marches are being organized across the country including here in Kalamazoo.

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Tell Me More About the March

As mentioned earlier, it's taking place this Sunday, October 9th starting at 1:00 pm. Apart from the actual march, live music is expected from Grace Theisen, Lisa Mackie, and DJ Playhouse.

Additionally, there will be speakers from Outfont Kalamazoo, YWCA, and more.

What Should I Wear/Bring?

What you wear is up to you. Attendees are being encouraged to wear the color blue to represent the "collective blue tsunami standing up for reproductive rights this Nov 8." You're more than welcome to bring hand-made signs, too. Need some ideas? Womenshealthmag.org has 40 of them. Or, take a look at the footage from last year's march in Kalamazoo:

As far as the actual march is concerned, they do have a few rules:

  • Respect all local traffic laws around the park, stay on sidewalks, and use designated crosswalks during the march
  • Stay home if you are sick and make sure to follow the guidelines from the Kalamazoo County Health Department and CDC for COVID
  • Do not engage with counter-protesters. This is a peaceful march. If there is any sign of violence, the march will disband immediately

If you have any questions about accessibility, about the event in general, or anything else, you can direct them to Amy Brown at amyevansb@gmail.com.

Need to find a march outside of the Kalamazoo area? Check out the Women's March website here and simply type in your zip code or city to find one near you.

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