The Michigan State Police received an explosive call in Monroe County last week.

It's amazing how one small, unassuming moment can instantly turn an entire neighborhood upside down for a day.  Getting the bomb squad called to your home and having your whole block shut down is probably not how this Michigan resident imagined a day of house cleaning to end.  A Erie Township man was cleaning out his grandfather's home when he dropped this bombshell on 911 according to the Monroe News,

The man, 42, sat the weapon on the living room floor and called 911 because he was unsure if it was still capable of exploding. The sheriff’s office asked the bomb squad to inspect it and found that it was already discharged and could not explode, authorities said.

There's always that weird possibility in the back of our minds when going through your grand parents attic or cleaning out their home.  You're wondering what treasure did they leave me?  Whatever is in this old box could change my life.  Am I going to open this box and immediately quit my job?  Instead of gold bars you find a grenade.  Story of my life.

On a serious note, we're happy to report that this home cleaning incident did not end in a bang.  However, I do wonder what that bomb would go for on the TV Show American Pickers.

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