Talk about a fishing story, I have a quick witted one for you and yes the pun was intended.

The Detroit News is reporting on Michigan’s annual sturgeon fishing season.  This particular one was on Black Lake in Cheboygan County.

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) scheduled this year’s season from February 2nd to the 6th.  Except there was one exception for the end date of the season and that was “or until the harvest limit was reached”.

Well fishermen were excited about this and DNR officials informed us that 403 fishermen had registered to fish for the sturgeon.

That being said the season did not last until February 6th in fact it ended 78 minutes after the season started on February 2nd.

Now that my friends is fast.

By the way did you hear about the no drinking on parts of three Michigan rivers.

The 403 fishermen had triggered the harvest limit caveat just over an hour after the season opened.  It is being reported that the sturgeon they caught ranged from 52-72 inches long and 25-80 pounds.

As one of the fisherman’s wife said to him when he arrived home much earlier than she thought, wow that was fast honey.

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