Recently, we told you about a program from the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research at Michigan State University meant to help hone the thinking of those considering running for office.

Actually, of late, some who are already serving in local elected posts are taking part in it as well; a bit of "catch-up" you might say. The Michigan Political Leadership Program has enticed applicants from all around the state, who have received a crash course in politics, compromise and more.

"Engage Battle Creek" happened recently, which was an opportunity to mingle with those who might become applicants - and eventual participants - in the program.

Calhoun County Commissioner Steve Frisbie completed the program. Click the player above to hear him talk about what inspired him to run for office, and how the MPLP helped him become a better commissioner.

BONUS VIDEO - Director of MSU IPPSR Matt Grossman Introduces 'Engage Battle Creek' | Richard Piet Show

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