The hits just keep coming! With inflation, high gas prices, and staffing difficulties, this disheartening trend is sadly expected to continue affecting businesses across west Michigan and frankly, the entire country.

Within the last several weeks we've reported on the closing of:

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...and now we unfortunately have to add Mancino's in Marshall to that list. The Marshall Mancino's Facebook shared the sad and sudden news on Monday, May 23 writing:

Thank you to everyone that has supported Mancino’s, over the many years we have been in business, here is downtown Marshall. It is with heavy heart that we have decided to close, our last day of operation will be Saturday the 28th of May.

That barely give us any time to process the news, let alone say our last goodbyes! The post went on to say that while the building itself has been sold, the business itself is up for grabs if you have any desire to run a restaurant yourself. However the current owner has, " interest in the business as a whole, we will start selling the equipment in June 6th."

That's a lot to wrap your head around! Marshall residents responded with confusion and disappointment saying,
  •  "Don and the Rollo Family. I’m sorry to hear this. Hears [sic] to the Future." - Debby Rae Prescott Forsyth
  • "Wow. You certainly are going to be missed. Another mainstay In Marshall history gone." - Donna Bonifacio-Chichester
  • "I wish I could buy it! That's so sad! I wish all the employees the best of luck" - Deb Wieling

Again, we hate to see this trend continue but we are preparing ourselves for the worst. This is why supporting your local mom & pop shops are extremely important, especially in these tough economic times.

According to their website, the original Mancino's was, "...established in the late 1930's by Samuel Mancino Sr., near St. Clair Shores, Michigan. The original recipes and good customer relations were the hallmark of Sam Mancino's success, and those concepts are still prevalent today in all Mancino's shops."

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