Unfortunately, many of us have our own divorce horror stories and many more have heard them from their friends.  You may have thought you have heard of all the insane divorce case antics before, well you have not.

How about this, Fox News is reporting that a Canadian man told a judge that he chose to burn his savings to keep his ex-wife from getting the cash in their divorce.  How much did he have and burn; $1,050,000 in Canadian dollars which at the time equated to $790.000 in U.S. currency.

After the man, Bruce McConville told a judge that he burned his $1 million in Canadian dollars to avoid having to pay his former wife spousal and child support as part of their divorce settlement

During his testimony,  told Superior Court Justice Kevin Phillips stopped him and said:

Can I back you up a bit? When you say you destroyed it, what do you mean?

Mr. McConville simply replied:

I burnt it.

The judge then said to Mr. McConville:

I don’t believe you. I don’t trust you. I don’t think you’re honest…I find what you have done to be morally reprehensible because what you claim to have done willfully and directly undermines the interests of your children.

I agree, sure it would be funny if it was just his wife who would have suffered but he did hurt his children and that is unforgivable.  Now we would have to trust that his wife would have actually spent the money on their children and not just herself.

The judge was not amused and sentenced Bruce McConville to 30 days in jail for violating the court orders. He then ordered Mr. McConville to pay an unbelievable sum of $2,000 a day to his ex-wife for every day he fails to disclose his finances to the court moving forward.

Did he actually burn the money?  At this time we really do not know but people do some pretty crazy things during divorce; they do lie, cheat and steal.  As I said many of us have unfortunately been involved in divorces or saw good friends go through them and the behavior of either them or their spouses during those times can be horrible.

As I side note I have always found it interesting that the person who is mainly driving the divorce is the person who is the angriest and lies to the court, cheats and steals from their spouse.

With this $2,000 a day fine we many actually fined an answer to the question; did he really do it?

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