This Michigan man would have gotten away with if it weren't for those meddling Feds.

55-year-old John Colletti thought he covered all of his bases according to CNN,

A prosthetic mask, counterfeit driver's licenses, and personal information obtained on the internet. That's how federal authorities say a Michigan man allegedly managed to steal more than $100,000 from casino patrons in Michigan and Kansas.

Before I tell you about how he did it.  Check out a couple of pictures captured by security cameras of the alleged criminal in his creepy old man prosthetic mask from the tweet below.

According to court documents, Colletti allegedly targeted elderly casino patrons at the MGM Grand in Detroit as well as a casino in Kansas.  He would obtain their personal info then use that info along with his creepy mask to withdraw money from the victim's accounts using self-service casino kiosks.

The MGM Grand Casino were able to identify at least 10 victims with-in a 30 day period last year that Colletti allegedly stole $98,840 from.

The suspect is currently being held by U.S. Marshals in Kansas and is expected to make a Federal Court appearance in Michigan sometime after his Kansas hearing date of July 30th.

Why is he in Kansas?  I'm glad you asked, because that leads us to the best part of the story.  The Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Police in Mayetta, Kansas arrested Colletti on March 12 after he attempted to illegally withdraw $20,000.  Colletti quickly went to the restroom and attempted a costume change after casino security approached him and asked him for his social security number.  Police then found clothing, a walker, multiple Michigan driver's license and a ton of cash in that restroom.

During the investigation authorities found nearly 100 driver's licenses along with a spreadsheet that contained the personal info including banking info of his victims.

No word on how much time the suspect is facing if he is found guilty.

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