I feel like at this point in 2020, we need all the magic we can find. So if you’re still in the mindset that you can wish upon a star or a shooting star, and you can bring goodness into your life, you may want to head outside early this week.

WOOD TV8 reports that the Leonid meteor shower is peaking Monday overnight, into Tuesday morning, and again in the early, pre-dawn hours Wednesday morning. The best time for viewing Tuesday morning early morning, before dawn breaks.

They also report that since we’re experiencing a New Moon, that means it's not as bright, and therefore there won’t be as much light in the sky, so the annual meteor shower will be much more visible than it usually is. Traditionally the Leonid meteor shower isn’t one of the brightest, light-wise, meteor showers.

WOOD TV8 says you should be able to see around 10-15 meteors an hour at the peak and you can look anywhere in the sky, although the meteors originate from the Leo the Lion constellation. The meteor shower is a yearly occurrence as Earth passes through the Comet Tempel-Tuttle’s orbital path.

The best way to see the meteor shower, of course, is to get out of the city lights where the sky is darker.

WOOD TV8 also says that Jupiter and Saturn will be visible near the moon as well Wednesday through Saturday,

It will be easy to spot bright Jupiter once you’ve located the moon and Saturn will be just up and to the left of Jupiter.

The moon will be below and to the right of the two planets on Nov. 18, just to the left of Saturn on Nov. 19, and to the upper left of the two on Nov. 20 and 21. To see the trio, look to the south after dark.


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