The best things in life don’t always require a lot of money. The simple pleasures are what really count.

In this YouTube video a young couple, expecting a child, invite the young woman’s parents over for a tour of their newly acquired trailer. The young man hasn’t yet met the in-laws and seems to want to impress them with his efforts of making a home for his family.

This video, for the viewer, can be a combination of admiration for the young couple who look at life as a glass half-full instead of half-empty. And at the same time, you are looking at a grim car wreck. You know you should turn your head, but you keep gazing at it as you pass.

Once you start viewing this video, you will not be able to turn it off. You will see the mother, tightening her coat around her neck, as she is led through the trailer of great potential. You will see her decline the offer of staying for dinner…and this is just the beginning.

View this and start to ponder..just what makes you content in life?

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