Sometimes I just scratch my head, giggle and move on; this is one of those times.

I just read an article in the Detroit Free Press that stated the Diversity and Inclusion Director of Founders Brewery resigned.  My first thought was not why did she resign but; you have got to be kidding me a brewery has a Diversity and Inclusion Director.

Why she resigned you can click on the Detroit Free Press hot-link and find out. The fact that she had that type of job in a brewery or quite frankly any company is sad and a sign of our crazy times.  I thought Human Resources was to take care of employees issues.

Ms. Graci Harkema, the Diversity and Inclusion Director did say she was hired to “regain the trust of the LGBTQ and People of Color communities”.  Regain the trust of someone you are trying to sell beer to.  Apparently they did not care about going out of their way to regain the trust of white people.

By the way do the NBA and NFL teams have a Diversity and Inclusion Director because they are approximately 80% People of Color and the NFL is approximately 70%?  If they do have Diversity and Inclusion Directors boy they really are not very good at what they do.

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