Well, maybe not.  It depends.  I shared this survey on today's morning show.  And I'm not sure I agree.It says that we reach a point where we're "too old" to do or to wear certain things, or to groom a certain way.  I am unsettled about this list, especially because, if I believed this list, I would be guilty of a number of faux pas contained therein.  A new survey asked 1,000 people between 18 and 70 (which is interesting) when you're too old to do 21 different things .  And it's a REALLY sobering reality check.

So, I'd just like to say:  You're only as old as you FEEL .  Don't let other people make you feel bad about feeling young, or doing whatever you want to do.  That being said, here's the CUT-OFF age for 21 different things .

See how many things on the list you do, even if you're past the "cut off" age.

Using emoticons in your texts . . . 26.  (I've never done this anyway)

Riding a skateboard . . . 26.  (I could never ride one even as a kid)

Wearing a Speedo at the beach . . . 26.  (I owned one once.  Good Lord, why didn't somebody TELL ME I looked like a COMPLETE DORK!)

Voting for someone on "American Idol" or another reality show . . . 26.  (I hate Ryan Seacrest and you should too)

Wearing a miniskirt . . . 27. (No comment)

High fiving people . . . 27. (Oh, c'mon)

Wearing a crop top . . . 28.  (Again, a NO comment is the safest way for me to proceed here)

Using acronyms like "LOL" in your texts . . . 29.  (I disagree)

Being a guy with a ponytail . . . 29.  (I grew a ponytail when I was 40.  And I was STYLIN'!  At least in my own mind)

Having a body piercing . . . 29.  (I have none)

Getting a new tattoo . . . 31.  (Ditto)

Watching trashy reality TV . . . 31.  (Regardless of age, you should never watch these anyway.  They'll rot your brain, Missy!)

Wearing a baseball hat . . . 32.  (Strongly disagree)

Wearing Crocs . . . 33.  (Again, IMO, NOBODY should wear crocs.  They're ugly)

Having a goatee . . . 34.  (I would wear one today---if it wasn't all gray)

Wearing really high heels . . . 34.  (Disagree.  I look SMASHING in heels)

Wearing a replica football jersey . . . 37.  (Disagree)

Dancing at a nightclub . . . 37.  (If you could even FIND a place to go dancing in Battle Creek)

Doing crazy stuff at a bachelor or bachelorette party . . . 37.  (I don't know any of those people anymore)

Going to a music festival . . . 41.  (Forget you.  I would go if it were my kind of music)

Wearing a bikini . . . 48.  (Never a comment)



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