Is there a way to look “outside the box” as Governor Snyder said to make college more affordable?

Well according to a report in Governor Snyder is asking or one could say prodding the education community to look “outside the box” thinking to lower college costs.

Currently in-state tuition averages about $11,452 this upcoming year at Michigan’s public universities.  According to a national report from The Institute for College Access and Success Michiganders have 57% more student debt than a decade ago.

How does college debt increase 57% in just one decade?

Why would family and students need to increase their debt load from only 10 years ago?

Could it be the cost of college increasing more than inflation (it has), how about wages being stagnant for the last decade (it has), but apparently not college professors wages, what about our median household income decreasing (it has).

Some ideas the Governor speaks about and reported in the article are as follows:

  • He wants High schools and colleges to offer career counseling services that provide students with clear information about how much their education could cost and how much they may earn after graduation, he said, and students should have access to more need-based financial aid.
  • He stressed the importance of optimizing credit hours — allowing dual enrollment at community colleges, or recognizing relevant military experience — and apprenticeship programs that can help students pursue careers at cheaper costs.
  • Governor Snyder challenged universities to do a better job with utilizing the assets they already have instead of building more.

The problems around college cost I believe lies directly with the colleges, universities and the state and federal governments policy of increasing the amount of grants and money students can borrow.  When the states and federal government increased those grants and loans the college and universities increased their cost even higher.

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