Perhaps.  Call it easily amused or easily distracted I find these "little known" facts interesting.  But then again, I like Reader's Digest.  For whatever that means.

Please enjoy the distraction.

1.  Only 17 state capitals are the largest cities in their states.

2.  The U.S. is only sixth in the world for ketchup consumption.  Canada puts down the most . . . an average of almost seven pounds per person per year.  Then comes Finland, Sweden, the U.K., and Norway.  We average about 4.9 pounds per person.

3.  It's impossible to poison an opossum.  They produce a protein that basically neutralizes ANY poison that enters their body.  And scientists are trying to use it to build a universal poison antidote for people.

4.  In the novel "Forrest Gump", Forrest is 6-foot-6, 242 pounds.  The author, Winston Groom, says he pictured JOHN GOODMAN playing him in a movie.