If you were disappointed by this year's new crop of Super Bowl ads, you weren't the only one.  Most of them were pretty tame.  There was one commercial that was COMPLETELY epic and insane . . . but unless you live in Savannah, Georgia, you didn't get to see it.  (It was a two-minute spot for a personal injury lawyer named Jamie Casino, and it only aired locally in Savannah.  It's the story of how Casino gave up a successful practice as a defense lawyer, because his brother was killed and didn't get justice.  You have to watch the video to see how crazy it is.  It's full of slow-motion shots of Casino walking around in dark sunglasses and a leather jacket, visiting his brother's grave and sitting in an empty church.  And at the end he picks up a flaming sledgehammer and smashes a tombstone.  The song in the background is Nick Nolan's "The Devil Gets Your Soul".)