The playing of the race card is showing its ugly head in the Michigan Senate.

Democrat State Senator Bert Johnson of Highland Park has proposed a State Senate resolution commemorating the end of slavery.  That is a fine idea, the problem is the wording he would like to see in his proposed resolution.

According to an article in the Lansing State Journal by the AP the problem is his wording in his resolution.  He want’s they entire Senate to agree that African-Americans still experience “vestiges of slavery” today.

The state Senate has a problem with that wording and Senator Johnson believes that the fact they would like to change that wording is a form of “white privilege”.

Would he agree if a black politician wants to change the wording of a white politician’s resolution or proposed law is an example of “black privilege” or bigotry?

Democrat State Senator Johnson believes those “vestiges of slavery” that black Americans still suffer are in our inadequate public schools, voting rights issues and trouble accessing loans.

Inadequate schools!  Whose party has been running the schools forever?  Your party Senator Johnson.

So do you and your fellow Democrats take responsibility for that failure or is the also due to “white supremacy” in your party?

Due to the fact that the Senate has an issue with that particular wording Senator Johnson is pulling out the tired old race card.

Democrat Senator Johnson was quoted in the article stating "Those are just facts. I'm not making this stuff up. What we're really talking about is white privilege and in some cases supremacy. Any white man who believes that he can rewrite a black man's resolution on slavery, which is my experience and my ancestors' experience, is practicing white privilege."

Senator Johnson, you experienced slavery?

Really Senator Johnson please explain to all of us crackers when you were a slave.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Rick Jones is quoted in the article saying "When you do a resolution, this comes from all the senators, not just one. If he wants to make a tribute and have it just be from him, fine. But if it's a resolution, it's coming from all the senators, It's important that it be done appropriately."

Do you think the entire Senate should agree that African-Americans still experience “vestiges of slavery” today?

Is it right for Senator Johnson is trying to move the ball forward on the race issue or again try to divide us?

Do you agree that black Americans still experience the “vestiges of slavery”?

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