The rumors are true, Radio Shack,an icon in the electronics world, will be closing both of their Battle Creek stores after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy last week.


The electronics giant will close 1,784 of their 4,000 stores by March 31st.  The closings will come in 3 waves. The Battle Creek stores are in the Lakeview Square Mall and the other is on East Columbia.  50 stores will close in Michigan.  For the entire list, click here

A lot of here at Townsquare Media in Battle Creek are a bit saddened to hear this news.  We always knew that if we needed something here at the stations that we could always hop in the car and head to Radio Shack.

But really, the Radio Shack brand peaked in the 1980s and they've been playing catch-up ever since.  The ease of being able to order electronics online has hurt them as has other retailers like Best Buy and Amazon

We'll still miss you Radio Shack.  For radio guys like us this is tough news to hear.